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About Teens in AI

Teens In AI was launched at the UN AI for Good Global Summit in May 2018.
We exist to inspire the next generation of AI researchers, entrepreneurs and leaders, who will advance AI for humanity’s benefit and will shape the world of tomorrow.
We aim to democratise AI and create opportunities for young people aged 12-18 to explore AI, machine learning and data science through a combination of expert mentoring, talks, workshops, hackathons, accelerators, company tours and networking opportunities that give young people aged 12-18 early exposure to AI for social good.

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CogX 2018

Hearing from young people themselves at the world's largest AI convention:
Elena Sinel, Founder, Acorn Aspirations in conversation with Peter (17), Lowena (16), Tiff (16) and Kiran (16)

A.I. in Mental Health Hackathon, London 2017

Acorn Aspirations in partnership with London Technology Week, Lean Startup Summit and Tech London Advocates is ran a 2-day hackathon/start-up style event where young people aged 12-19 will collaborated with mentors from London’s TechCity community to develop artificial intelligence solutions that tackle some of the issues associated with mental health.

Teens in AI Bootcamp & Hackathon - 5 Days All About AI

A recap featuring Acorn Aspirations' Teens in AI Bootcamp and Hackathon - London, May 30 - June 3, 2018

What we do

Teens in AI has run many events over the last 2 years inspiring teens all of the world. As we expand globally we plan on bringing our proven events with us. Here is some of the work that we do:


We run monthly meetups where teens explore AI, intersections of AI & other technologies and hear from inspiring entrepreneurs


Every few months we run a hackathon where teens compete in teams to solve a real problem through AI and other technologies

AI Accelerators

Every summer we run a 2-week AI Accelerator which offers teams a chance to build a tech start-up with help of expert mentors, tour the best companies in London and hear from the most inspiring entrepreneurs


We offer young people a chance to network with like-minded tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. We connect young people to opportunities like work experience and freelancing, which allows to build their professional portfolio.

We are educating the next generation of
AI technologists, innovators and leaders.

Find your purpose, change the world.

Develop the skills that will set you apart.

Think Big

We believe those who aim high and think big have the potential to achieve exponentially. At TIA we nurture the mindset of high achievers and show young people limitless opportunities available to them.

Think Global

Every few months we run a hackathon where teens compete in teams to solve a real problem through AI and other technologies

Build Your Network

Having a strong network of dependable people is critical to success. Start developing this network early as an investment in your future.

Develop Your Professional Portfolio

Build a portfolio that will be used for university and job applications by publishing articles, developing your online presence, and generating thought leadership.

Learn from experts

Surrounded yourself with industry experts in your areas of interest. Catalyze your learning by leveraging their experiences and knowledge.

Become a leader

Possessing leadership skills is more important than ever. Regardless of career path, being a strong leader is necessary in tomorrow's world.

Our Team

Meet our team and advisors making Teens in AI a reality.

Elena Sinel

Founder, Teens in AI & Acorn Aspirations

Ayesha Silveira

Partnerships Director, Acorn Aspirations

Josephine Gambade

Head of International Expansion

Monica Chaturvedi

Head of Marketing, Acorn Aspirations

Peter He

Co-Founder Teens in AI

Kiran Arun

AI Curriculum, Teens in AI

Pete Trainor

Teens in AI Advisor

Maria Axante

Teens in AI Advisor

AI Programme Driver PMC
Tabitha Goldstaub

Teens in AI Advisor

Founder CogX
Alejandro Saucedo

Teens in AI Advisor

Founder Institute for Ethical Machine Learning
Jonnie Penn

Teens in AI Advisor

AI Researcher Founder, The Buried Life, Cambridge University
Mischa Dohler

Teens in AI Advisor

Professor Fellow IEEE Reng RSA, King's College London